A Walk In The Dark Forest...

The Story Of A Wise & A Foolish Man Walking In The Dark Forest.

Once, a wise man and a fool were crossing a dense forest together. The Wise man being wise left, some marks all through the way so that if he gets lost in the forest he can at least return back safe. The Fool being a fool didn't care.

As expected, what the wise man thought had happened, they lost their way & it was getting dark. The Wise man thought for a while (since it was getting dark & risky) & decided to go back to save his life. The Fool kept going straight even though it was getting dark without thinking too much.

Within the next 10 minutes, the fool was out of the forest & reached a village where he spent his night in ease. The Wise man was going back without much problems finding his marks with ease, but at one of his marks a hungry tiger was waiting.

End of story!

Now can you tell who was the fool & who was the wise one amongst the both?

There is almost no difference between a wise man and a fool except that one who takes the right decision at the right time (which is actually a coincidence or fate) & succeeds is called wise & one who fails irrespective of how intelligent he is, is called a fool!